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Puppy Prep | 7 Things To Do Before Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Congratulations! You’ve been to the breeder and selected your puppy. You will be back to pick up the puppy at eight weeks old. In the meantime, how do you ready your home and family for the puppy?


1. Puppy “quiet space”. Puppies need sleep and time to grow. Their crate acts as that safe shelter. We suggest a room where the flooring is tile, stone or other moisture-friendly material. Is there a door to the outside nearby? Training a puppy “where to go” is easier when a door is nearby. Can you add a “puppy gate” to the area so the puppy has some limited roaming area? In our home, we use the laundry room works. It is adjacent to the kitchen. With a “puppy gate”, the puppy is part of the household activities without having to be in the middle of it all the time. Also, access to the backdoor works great for the late night and early morning walks to the backyard. There will be “accidents” because puppies have small bladders. But make it easy on yourself for clean-up by selecting an area that is easy to clean, won’t retain the odor and is waterproof.


2. A crate. The soft-sided ones are nice because they are lightweight, fold-up and can be a cozy home for your new puppy. Also, the crate can go in the car to carry the puppy. It is familiar and limits where the puppy is in the car (for safety).


3. Chew toys. Your new puppy will be getting more teeth. Have a basket for toys. Select toys made for teething and pulling. Avoid anything he could swallow. Always put the toys back in the basket and get them from the basket. Eventually the puppy learns that it is OK to go get stuff from the basket. So, he will get his toys and leave your stuff alone. But it starts from the very beginning.


4. Water dishes and a feed dish. If your puppy will be outside part of the time, you will need an outdoor water dish and an inside water dish, along with a feed dish. Many dog owners prefer the stainless steel dishes in that they can really get clean. Clean water is key to a healthy dog!


5. Collar, leash and harness. Part of training is small walks. With a leash and harness, you can start to get the puppy used to walking with you. He will wander all over at first. But the harness keeps him from pulling at his neck while you have control of him.


6. Poop bags. Regular clean up of the yard of his poop keeps the area clean and healthy for your puppy. Also, you will need to pickup after your dog on walks in the neighborhood.


7. Veterinarian for your dog. Your puppy will be on a vaccination schedule every 3-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. Also, many breeders have a time period in their contract for you to have a veterinarian examine the puppy after you pick it up.


If you’ve made room in your home for the puppy, the puppy will feel at home.

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