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  1. Do You Require a Deposit?

Yes.  We require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy for you.

The deposit will be refunded if the pregnancy does not occur or there is not enough of the sex that you are on the list for. Puppies are reserved in the order of which we receive deposits.  So, make your deposit early

2. What is the price of a puppy?

The price of an English Golden Retriever puppy is $2,500 for limited registration.  The full amount is due by the time the puppies are 6 weeks old. 


3. How does the puppy picking process work?

The picking process will be based on when we receive your deposit. If you are the 3rd person to place a deposit, you will get 3rd pick. The picking process starts around 6 weeks of age. We know that not everyone is looking for the same thing in a dog.  We will give you some insight into these young puppies’ personalities. 


4. Will I be able to watch my puppy grow?

You will see the puppies progress as we post to Facebook.  When the puppies are born,  we place a different colored ribbon or collar on each pup so you can identify them each week. We will also post pictures of the puppies.

5. When will my puppy be able to come home?

All puppies are ready to join their new families when they are 8 weeks old.  We send the puppy with a scented blanket (with Mom and siblings' scent), a small bag of dog food and tips on helping your puppy feel at home in your home.


6. How do I get my puppy?

Puppies are picked up from our location in Lockeford, CA.​

8. What type of food do you feed your dogs?

Our puppies are fed a mixture of dog food, chicken and milk supplement. We send each puppy home with a small bag of the dog food they are fed.

9. Do your puppies come with a warranty?

Yes, of course they do! A copy of our sales agreement is in our Resources area.  You can also email us with any questions you may have about this.

10. Do your dogs have health clearances?

Yes! Our dogs have been seen by specialist to ensure there are no genetic defects. They have had their hips and elbows checked by the OFA (when they are at least two years old)  and regular exams for health.   Please click on the parents of your puppy to see all health clearances.  The puppies get their initial exam and shots before you pick them up.  We provide you with the puppy's health record, next shots schedule and tips on helping your puppy adapt to your home.


11. How are your puppies raised?

We have a puppy area that is designated just for our puppies and their momma. Our facility also has a dog run so the puppies will have a safe confined area to play outside (when they are older and under supervision).  Puppies are socialized, loved and held.  We use their mother to help initiate the house breaking.  So, they start to follow her lead in going to the bathroom in a designated area.  

12.  How do you help smooth the transition to their new home?

We are a small breeder.  So, the puppies get lots of love and social contact while they are with us.  Their mom initiates the training

 for housebreaking.  When the puppy goes home with you, we provide a "scented blanket".   The blanket is "scented" with the puppy's siblings and mother so your home feels like the puppy's home.

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